Digital transformation strategy

With RKDs experience and expertise, our team can help any business with their digital transformation. A digital transformation strategy is a detailed plan for using digital solutions to improve the physical aspects of your business across engineering, manufacturing, and service. Digital transformation (DX) is, in and of itself, a broad business strategy.


A company’s technology strategy must be crystal clear. Organizations that don’t have one yet will soon be lost because innovative competitors are taking advantage of new technology tools to make their work easier, more productive and more profitable. The first step to becoming an effective digital business is to develop an intelligent technology strategy that addresses both current and future needs while also aligning with your business goals. A stellar technology strategy can lead your company out of the past into the future.

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From a creative perspective, we discuss digital transformation strategy from the point of view of digital marketing and user experience. It is widely known that customers now utilise technology to research, find and select products and services that match their needs. As a result, business must have a good understanding of the customer journey in order to strategise how they can use technology to enhance this process.

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From a management perspective, digital transformation is an opportunity to reshape a business and its operating model by aligning the product and services of the business with new business models. Digital transformation can increase profit and reduce operating costs.

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